100% Refund

Money-Back Guarantee

Enroll in the 100% Refund Program and give yourself the comfort of knowing that you have multiple opportunities to make your dream of having a baby come true. And if, despite everyone’s best efforts, it doesn’t happen? You will receive a 100% refund and can choose to use your refund to pursue other family-building options like adoption or additional fertility treatments. The important thing is that the 100% Refund Program safeguards your investment and gives you additional options, should the need arise. The program includes 3 retrievals and unlimited frozen embryo transfers, saving you a significant amount of money if you need multiple attempts to be successful. There are age restrictions and medical criteria that you must meet to qualify for the 100% Refund Program. Contact your Concierge at PatientConcierge@FertilityAccessProgram.com or 1-800-USF-9203 to learn if you qualify for the 100% Refund Program.