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Refund + Discount Options

Fertility Access offers both Refund and Multi-Cycle Discount Programs with a variety of fixed price points. All Fertility Access programs include unlimited frozen embryo transfers. With this built-in benefit, you will experience significant cost savings and fewer out-of-pocket surprises.

Choose Your Fertility Access Plan

Take control of your fertility journey by choosing a program that meets your needs and goals.

IVF Discount Programs

Programs available for patients without insurance coverage for IVF to help manage the cost of treatment.

100% Refund Program

Ultimate peace of mind.
Program Details
  • 3 Retrievals
  • Unlimited Frozen Embryo Transfers
  • 100% Refund If Not Successful
Most Cost-Effective

50% Refund Program

Increase your odds.
Program Details
  • 2 Retrievals
  • Unlimited Frozen Embryo Transfers
  • 50% Refund If Not Successful

Multi-Cycle Discount

All IVF patients qualify.
Program Details
  • 2 or 3 Retrievals
  • Unlimited Frozen Embryo Transfers
  • Most Affordable Option

Ancillary Programs

Fertility Access offers patients at participating practices unlimited PGT-A analyses through the PGT-A Analysis Unlimited™ program.

PGT-A Analysis Unlimited™ Program

Available at participating practices.
Program Details
  • Unlimited PGT-A Analysis
  • One-Time Fixed Cost
  • Financing Available

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