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How to Enroll in Fertility Access

1. Speak with a Fertility Access Patient Concierge.

A Fertility Access Patient Concierge is available to provide guidance that is specific to your treatment plan, based on your eligibility. Your Concierge will review which option fits your treatment plan and financial situation best, and will provide a financial estimate that’s easy to understand. Be sure to also ask about our financing partner, CapexMD.


Contact your Concierge by emailing PatientConcierge@FertilityAccessProgram.com or calling 1-800-873-9203.


2. Complete a simple eligibility review.

The Fertility Access team will work with your fertility center to review your clinical results to determine if you qualify for a refund program. Your Concierge will contact you to review your options once this has been determined. Because there are no clinical requirements or age restrictions for the Multi-Cycle Discount Program, all IVF patients immediately qualify for this program without a clinical review. Once your Concierge contacts you to review your options, you will simply need to determine how many cycles you wish to include in your package and request a contract.


3. Review your contract.

Your Concierge will send you a contract for review and will be available to answer any questions you may have on your contract or our payment options.


4. Sign and submit.

The last step is to sign your contract and pay the one-time, discounted program fee upfront. By paying upfront for a treatment bundle, patients save up to 40% over paying for the same treatment cycle by cycle.

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